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God's Power Tools

We bought a power washer. After borrowing one, we became instant believers. Gone was the greenish mossy mold on the house siding. The deck changed back to its natural wood color instead of the dingy gray-brown it had sported for a couple of seasons. Honestly, the difference was stunning. The cleaning power of water is pretty convincing. And power tools make life easier.

What would our lives be without power tools, not to mention our computers and technology gadgets? How would we ever function if there was a power blackout? We need power.

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, we should be reaching for God’s Power Tools often. His tool box is open with resources for every person. And His tools are free! No rental or purchase fees.


More Kinds of Power

During these difficult days of global pandemic, we need additional kinds of power. Medications and interventative care provide power to give people a chance of recovery. Medical professionals are wielding this power to their best knowledge to help save lives.

A power most people don’t think about is their willpower to be careful and safe. Lock-down isn’t much fun, but people who understand the science of what is happening can use their willpower to cooperate – for the good of their community and their own health. This inner willpower also enables individuals to identify blessings still tucked into a difficult pandemic time. Blessings are all around for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear . . . each day in lock-down.

There is another power – a super-power – so strong it raised someone from the dead. Jesus was dead and buried. Next thing you know, He’s alive again because of this power! This resurrection power changes everything. It transforms lives. What a stunning power.

God makes His invisible power tools available to help humanity. We need His strong power every day. His entire power collection and accessories are available because He cares about your life. Let’s look inside God’s power toolbox.

God’s Power Tools:

JESUS The greatest and best power tool. The Living Word of God. Because He became a baby and lived on earth as an example, then died for all sins, it is possible to be forgiven, to have eternal life, and to walk with God in friendship. The blood of Jesus is a power washer. It cleans your heart and conscience down to the natural purity God intended. All the dingy build up is powerfully washed away. You are left with peace and joy – lemony fresh. New start.

SCRIPTURE  Add the big gun – the Written Word of God. Because Scripture is inspired, everybody needs this tool. Not only does it contain accessory parts to keep you clean after your power wash at the cross. These attachments help you manage your life. Let’s look.

Attachments and Accessories to Your Big Power Gun – Scripture

    • Promises give you the absolute guarantee that, if you use this accessory correctly, it’s yours. God’s accessory collection gives you promises that work for discouragement, loneliness, confusion, sickness, directionless, ungodly patterns, and more. Share this wonderful accessory with others.
    • Commands of God provide guidelines, how-to’s, and warnings to address real life difficulties. These attachments are extremely effective if you use them according to directions. Their application changes your focus, funnels your efforts, brings a harvest, accomplishes the impossible. Yes, commands are powerful tool accessories, alright! Share this necessary attachment with others.
    • Comforts in God’s toolbox are yours if you engage their power by faith. Comfort accessories give provisions, encouragements, constructive grief work, renewed peace, healing from wounds – and more. God’s Word has accessories for comfort you need each day. Another resource to share.

Another Critical Power Tool in God’s Tool Box

GOD’S SPIRIT  The power converter in God’s toolbox is God’s Spirit. That seems odd to say because He is a living person. Yet, He is the power you plug into that converts all tools and accessories into working resources. Plugging in looks like this: You give your life to Jesus and declare you belong to Him. He gives you a power wash at the cross. God’s Spirit comes to live inside you. He teaches you to value Jesus’ interests over your own. He shows you how to love God first, most, and best. Then God’s Spirit empowers and enables you to accomplish things you otherwise could not.

Accessories and Attachments in God’s Power Tool Box

Let’s dig down even deeper into God’s toolbox and see what else we find.

  • Fruit of the Spirit gives you a delightful harvest! (Gal. 5:22-23)
  • Worship and praise become your preferred place of joy through details of each day. It really accomplishes so much inside you.
  • Fellowship with God becomes your reality. God is your friend, and you are His! He shows you how to fellowship with other believers.

All these tools are available to you from God’s toolbox. They help you gain eternal benefits you can’t yet fathom. They help you not lose heart – especially during a global pandemic. Your troubles are limited to this life. Eternity is trouble-free. These few years of troubles will eventually seem “light and momentary.”

So, dig into God’s toolbox. Fix your eyes on Jesus, not on temporary things, or COVID-19, or your losses and troubles. Focus on the incredible power tools God has given you. He is eager to train you to use them and to live by faith. God loves you – so much.

Questions to Help

  • Are you daily in God’s Word – His power tool manual?
  • Are you training to wield God’s power tools and attachments?
  • What kind of power supply are you plugged into? If it’s not God’s Spirit, you need a switch.

Action Steps to Use God’s Power Tools

List three ways you can apply God’s Word to your life. Add reasonable, practical steps to carry these goals out. Pray over your plan. Start today using His tools during these difficult COVID-19 days. You can be building something valuable with your life as you wait for the global outcome.

Articles about power tools you have in Christ.


(Article developed from 2 Corinthians 4:14-18)


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10 Days of Prayers During COVID-19


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