Accomplish Your Purpose – Helpful Steps


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Accomplish Your Purpose - Helpful Steps

So, did you accomplish your purpose today? Yesterday? Are you on-target with your life purpose?

  • Think back to when you start your day:
  • Before getting out of bed, multi-thoughts fire as you contemplate another new day.
  • Getting dressed, life responsibilities already form in your brain.
  • Downing breakfast, you focus on making progress today.
  • You might jot “to do’s” in your planner so you don’t forget.
  • At your work place, ideas about life balance might appear . . . and quickly disappear as you dive into responsibilities.


With duties bombarding your waking hours – do you accomplish your purpose for being alive? Do you know why God created you?

Accomplish Your Purpose

When I was much younger, I remember wondering about my life purpose. Without too much trouble, I could name my responsibilities. I had goals and a good plan to accomplish them. Interestingly, I even spent time identifying some dreams and hopes hidden in my heart.

But to answer – “How do you accomplish your life purpose?” – I didn’t know what to say.

One day during my time with the Lord, something stood out – an answer.

What Is Your Purpose?

Here’s the Scripture that helped. Jn. 17:3 says, “Now this is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” Suddenly, I grabbed that nugget. The purpose of life (here and eternally) is simply – to “know God!”

This verse suggests knowing God – the only true God – comes only one way: through knowing Jesus Christ, sent by God to become human. Once again, Jesus shows up in the very middle of everything that matters.

Enoch and Methuselah

  • Enoch was 65 when he finally became a dad to Methuselah! By today’s standard – that’s old!
  • Then Scripture says, “After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters.” (Gen. 5:22)
  • Enoch lived 365 years. Interesting number. One year for every day of our year! 365. (Gen. 5:23)
  • Gen. 5:24 – “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” Enoch loved God and was faithful to Him. Then God “took him away.” Hmmmm – apparently Enoch’s life wasn’t over yet. There was more life purpose ahead.
  • Finally, Gen. 5:27 says this about Enoch’s first son – ” . . . Methuselah lived a total of 969 years, and then he died.” Wow! This guy was really, really OLD!! The oldest man who ever lived.


So those are some interesting facts about a man Scripture chose meaningful words to describe –  “Enoch walked faithfully with God.” I’d love to have those words said about my life! How about you?

Enoch accomplished his life purpose because he was getting to know God well!

Accomplish Your Purpose To Know God

What does it mean to know God? How does that affect your day on a practical level? Can you live a normal life and still know God?

As a simple, ordinary person, I think those are good questions. After all, maybe you’ve had some of these realities I’ve had in daily life:

  • You lack wisdom.
  • Blaring in your face is your weakness, not your strength.
  • Although you trust God, you find fears nesting in your heart. Fear of:
    • failure,
    • pain,
    • what people will think,
    • missing God’s best,
    • exposing unattractive character in yourself or someone else,
    • hurting or letting someone down,
    • your past might interfere with future progress.
  • The task before you is overwhelming. You tremble at what God asks you to do.
  • Lack of eloquence and trouble thinking on your feet interfere.


Do you ever wonder if you simply don’t have what it takes to accomplish your purpose? You do love the Lord and want to serve Him. You want your life to make a difference in this world. But your portion seems small compared to others who have a purpose that rocks the world – people like Moses or Paul.

Think of it this way. None of the things on the previous list weigh-in on your purpose. We already established Scripture declares you accomplish your purpose when you “know God,” when you “walk faithfully with God” like Enoch did.

To Accomplish Your Purpose, Think Differently

To accomplish your unique purpose, you need to think differently. Instead of comparing yourself to the likes of Moses, Paul, Martin Luther, Mother Teresa, Jim Elliott – compare yourself to “Christ in you.”

Your life is different than everyone else. Your purpose is unique. As you walk with God – like Enoch did – you fulfill a one-of-a-kind special purpose. God designed it that way.

In the same way no person’s thumb print is like another’s, no person’s purpose is another’s. Although we are the same in many ways, we are very different from each other. Here are some points about “same and different:”

Same And Different

  1. God wants the same for every person – to know Jesus personally! (Jn. 17:3)
  2. God wants every person to embrace their uniqueness and enjoy being different from everyone else. This differentness shows His creativity and glory.
  3. Something God wants the same for every follower of Jesus is strong commitment to trust and obey Him. This beautifully displays the consistent, unchanging loveliness of Christ through different colored lenses of each person’s life. So even in sameness, there’s differentness.
  4. God also wants the same for all His children – peace. “Peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7) This peace launches from a platform of gratitude. 1 Thess. 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”


How do these elements of “same” and “different” provide unique purpose for each person? How do they help you think differently? I believe it’s through another term – “fear of the Lord.”

What Exactly is the Fear of the Lord?

Most people don’t ever think about this concept. They believe fear is only negative. And when they equate fear with God, they back away from Him.

If this has been your experience, I have great news. The fear of the Lord is a very positive thing. It’s super special. Intimate. Inviting. Encouraging. Comforting. Kind and good. The fear of the Lord opens the door to begin to know the heart of God. So, it helps you find your purpose.

“The friendship of God is for those who fear Him.” (Ps. 25:14) And Prov. 9:10 announces, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” God only shares His heart with people who trust, obey, and rest in Him (fear Him).

Let’s define the fear of the Lord with some helpful phrases:

  1. A deep reverence in your heart for God, His holiness, and His opinions.
  2. A respect for His ways, plans, perspective, and agenda that drives your choices.
  3. An attitude you yield to because you’ve had a peek at God’s love and power. Or perhaps you haven’t had a peek – but want one.
  4. Resolve to do life God’s way, whether you like it or not. Whether you agree or not. Whether it’s easy or not.
  5. Willingness to take care of God’s interests over your own.
  6. Practicing gratitude in every issue or problem. Gratitude does not depend on feelings. It’s an attitude of your heart. You do have control over your attitudes.
  7. An intentional choice to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. To want Him more than anything in life. (Mk. 12:30; Phil. 3:7-11)
  8. A pro-active decision to yield as a “living sacrifice” for God (Rom. 12:1), aligning your life with God’s principles.


Did you notice those key words?

  1. Reverence
  2. Respect
  3. Attitude
  4. Resolve
  5. Willingness
  6. Gratitude
  7. Choice
  8. Yielding


God’s Glory

We must remember God’s glory is pinnacle as you work to accomplish your life purpose.

Here’s a testimony someone sent me recently: “The Lord’s message to me today was very clear. My life ‘s purpose is to bring Him glory through obedience and life choices, which never focus on me.”

Quite insightful, don’t you think? God is glorified when you agree (Step One) with His original design to know Him (Step Two) and live obedient to His excellent ways (Step Three).

That is how to accomplish your life purpose. Bringing glory to God!

Practical Application Steps

  1. Step One – The fear of the Lord is agreeing with God. Completely. Consistently. Continually. Cheerfully. Lots of “C’s.” Are you agreeing with God as Step One to accomplish your life purpose?
  2. Step Two – When you practice fear of the Lord, you begin to know God more intimately. His power rises and affects your daily living because it connects you to God’s heart, fellowship, and love. Get in His Word and pray to know Him.  Knowing God is Step Two to accomplish your life purpose. Are you taking this step each day?
  3. Step Three – After putting Step One and Step Two into place, you’ll notice changes in your heart. God is speaking to you and working in your life. Perhaps correcting some things, revealing new things, showing better patterns. Step Three is to embrace His new work with courage and resolve to be a living sacrifice. Fully surrendered.


You can accomplish your purpose every day!


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