God’s Dimension: Real And Very Near


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God's Dimension: Real And Very Near


One freezing early morning, I pushed back my curtain to see what the winter storm did to my yard overnight. My eyes struggled to focus in the flood of “sun-on-snow” brightness. Gradually adjusting, I saw something magical. It was like a story book scene. This piece of incredible winter art – in front of my eyes – reminded me – God’s dimension is real and very near.

(If you live in an area where this weather never happens, I’m including a few pictures so you can imagine.)

What Did I See?

The scene outside my window was gorgeous! How can I best describe something that looked magical? I’ll simply try.

At first glance, a snapshot lodged in my memory. This scene featured a frozen crystal blanket that had wrapped around everything. Breath-taking. Very still. Untouched. No snow falling. Just crisp, frozen morning moments.

Ice-encased objects wrapped in translucence permitted light to pass through. It truly felt “other-world.” If I hadn’t experienced what I saw (and what happened next), I wouldn’t have believed it. But I’m pretty sure I was fully awake!

I noticed a misty steam lifting from objects as the rising sun brushed across them. Trees wore perfect-fitting ice gloves. Every tiny twig was transparently encased. Long, slender pine needles were hugged by individual translucent frozen sleeves. Everything hung in silent, crystal beauty. In reverence. In worship.

The invitation to me? Was I going to participate with nature in worship in that short moment? I said “yes!”

Not Too Unlike Narnia

Near the street lamp pole (not too unlike Narnia) illuminating vertically was a “living brilliance.” Something was literally dancing in the air. Thousands of tiny, shimmering diamond-like flecks were whirling around – like after stirring a pot of pixy dust. Or like shaking a snow globe and watching sparkles lightly float. But there was no globe, and nobody shook anything. These tiny gems were just there. Crystals suspended mid-air, moving with delicious joy – their secret existence now exposed to my eyes.

Apparently, this performance was happening everywhere in my yard, invisible except where betrayed as sun pierced a slice of atmosphere at just the right angle. Otherwise, I would have never seen!

As the sun crept up in those moments, the sparkling fleck phenomenon began to inch away from the pole (likely because the sun’s angle changed as it rose higher in the sky). And – wow! To my astonishment (and delight) that illuminated slice of magic – glittering, frozen jewels vibrating with joy– migrated right up to the glass I was transfixed behind. I couldn’t stop gazing. So I lingered. Wondered. And worshipped the God whose dimension is real and very near.

God’s Dimension: Real And Very Near

My brain was trying to process what I was seeing. I’m sure some scientist could have told me exactly what phenomenon was taking place. Though I grew up enjoying visible concerts of aurora borealis, I’d never seen anything like this. I’ve seen double rainbows that warmed my heart. And I’ve held in my hand a perfect, huge, ripened strawberry in all its glory. Quietly, I’ve observed the magnificent aerodynamics of a humming bird moving like a wee helicopter from bloom to bloom. And I’ve even seen beautiful winter scenery before. But my soul was captivated by this magical display.

Imagine my loss if I’d decided I was too busy to look out my window, or if I’d been deep in thought and didn’t focus to take in the beauty, or if I’d doubted what my eyes saw and left the window to “get on with my day!” How many amazing moments are missed in the course of our lives that God intended to encourage us with His love and with holy delight? How great is the loss we aren’t even aware of?

While my heart enjoyed wonder and worship, my brain finally caught up. This phenomenon was going on right now all around my home even though I could only see a slice of it in the sun’s angle. All very near. So real. Undeniably present.

In those short minutes, I gained a peek into God’s dimension. And I realized anew that, even though unseen, God’s dimension is real and very near. With a little imagination, it was possible to be amazed at what might also be going on right now in the spiritual world!

And then – the magic was gone. Full sun overpowered the invisible.

God’s Dimension – The Kingdom Of Heaven

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” (Mt. 10:7) Some translations say, “The Kingdom of Heaven has come near.” It’s all around you right now. You can see it under rare conditions when a portal between the seen and unseen world opens. Then it’s gone. The rest of the time, you live in God’s dimension by faith. When you get peeks, they are treasured moments.

But the goal is not “experiences.” The goal is to live by faith and discipline in God’s glory! Reality is not defined by your senses, experiences, or deductions. Reality is defined by God. However, His magic touches your life all the time, even in sorrows. God’s dimension is real and very near even though you can’t see it.

It’s hard to live in peace and hope when something terrible has threatened your world. It’s hard to respond courageously to sorrow or tragedy. But with eyes of faith, and with resolve, it’s possible to still see glory all around – right now, even in times of trouble.

Slices of Terrible

I’ve experienced “slices of terrible.” I’m guessing you have, too. Those tragic developments threaten inner peace and pluck away joy.

When your day reveals slices of terrible, there’s still a kind of magic present. The Scriptures call it God’s grace. It’s the miracle of His presence all around – “in your spiritual yard.” We cannot see this glory most of the time during moments of personal tragedy. However, Scripture promises – “joy comes in the morning.” (Ps. 30:5) In God’s timing, you will see again His dimension is real and very near.

Slices of Calm

Because this world can be terribly cruel, Jesus opened a door you can walk through anytime, night or day. Mt. 11:28 says, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

If you need a glimpse of God’s glory, or sanctuary in His protective heart, a place to renew, or just to remember you are deeply loved – walk through that door. Look out your spiritual window for slices of calm still present all around you right now.

Slices of Eternity

One day – for those who have trusted Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life, there will be magical wonder every day. It will be worth it when we get to the place Jesus is preparing. He will dry your tears and wash away the terrible slices of this broken life.

You will live in wonder, joy, and amazement. Each day will provide discovery, fellowship, extraordinary experiences, as well as phenomenon that can’t be explained – better than the winter art I observed outside my window. Slices of calm will be your new reality.

1 Cor. 2:9 says, “. . . no eye has seen . . . no ear has heard . . . no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love Him . . .” 

The wonder and magic of God’s dimension is real and very near. Blessed is the person who accepts this right now and lives aware of it by faith. Incredible things are going on all around us – right now!

Can’t See It Now – But You Will

If you could see everything in the unseen dimensions, you wouldn’t be able to express it easily. When God showed His dimension to John (who wrote Revelation), John could barely record what he saw. Rev. 1:3 says, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.” He recorded the message best he could. And he accepted it.

When Ezekiel was given a glimpse into God’s dimension, he stumbled with words to communicate what he saw. It was beyond his ability to describe in human language. He kept talking about “wheels” and trying to explain a “wheel intersecting a wheel,” and so much more. (Ezek. 1:16; 10:10 are examples) He could barely interface with God’s dimension – so real and near. But he accepted it.

Occasionally, God opens a peek into His dimension. Some have written about it. But – see it or not – we all live in it. God’s dimension is real and very near right now. It’s His miracle-like magic. All very near. So real. Undeniably present.


Application Questions and Thoughts

  1. Do you believe God’s dimension is real and all around you right now?
  2. Recall a time you’ve had a “slice of terrible.” What happened?
  3. Do you embrace God’s invitation into a “slice of calm?”
  4. Have you accepted God’s unexplainable dimension is real and very near you – right now?
  5. Why not open your heart to receive any little thing God wants show you?


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