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The topic for today is fresh new life. You know life can shift pretty quickly. Mostly it’s in the small stuff. I’m sure you’ve been in a jam at some point. Caught in bad circumstances. You have that dreaded, instant panic feeling. It could be you lost your wallet or left your purse on a shelf in a store aisle. Perhaps you forgot to pay an important bill. You may have broken something very special or ruined a plant you were nurturing. Your keys to a public building, a safe, and your own home are missing. Maybe you ran your car into someone’s fence or got pulled over for speeding. Maybe you said something you later regret terribly.

These kinds of things make your stomach churn. You just hope for some way to reconcile things with as little pain and upset as possible. Many of these scenarios are minor and temporary. Some scenarios are the big stuff – serious and life altering with long-term losses.

Although it may seem so, life is not ruined. You can have new beginnings. Changing unhelpful habits and patterns, adopting a better perspective, resolving to adjust – these help you move into new ways of thinking and living. This is true even for tragic circumstances outside your control that alter your life. It’s claiming a fresh new life – no matter what.

Life Can Change For You

“The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor. 5:17b) It sounds like New Years. I want to share an excerpt from an end of year blog that gives helpful thoughts about stepping out of the old and into fresh new life.

“The end of another year blends into the beginning of a new one by the simple passing of days. It’s the same process that happens all year long, but when those few days end one thing and begin another, they are noteworthy. – Every day gives opportunity to make healthy choices, to end some things and begin others.

There are some things in the “old” that need to be shed. Cut away. Dropped off. – Be intentional about your patterns.

New Beginnings for a Fresh New Life

With a new year, a new opportunity, a new habit or pattern – can come the fresh new touch needed to keep life vibrant and interesting. Fresh perspective can help keep hope alive. New information and experiences can bring greater understanding. – Jesus generously gives fresh perspective and valuable information each day from His Word to nurture changes needed for a fresh new life.

Jesus reminds to hold tightly to His commands and promises. He is a God of endings and beginnings – and provides continuity between the two. – This brings a continual flow of fresh new life.

Ask the Lord for wisdom, power, intimacy and peace as you intentionally work to become the person God created you to be. The good news? You can receive:

  • Wisdom from Wonderful Counselor.
  • Power is available through Mighty God.
  • Intimacy and belonging from Everlasting Father.
  • And, yes – you receive peace from the Prince of Peace!

STEPS to Get Rid of Entrenched Patterns and Habits.

If you are struggling with old patterns and habits from your past life, here are some steps to get rid of entrenched patterns and habits. These steps will help you build a fresh new life.

First, be truly honest and identify them. Stare them down. Write them down. That is hard.

Second, take responsibility for the patterns that are not keepers. Dig into the basement and ask yourself why they are there? What motivated you to build that habit or pattern, perhaps years ago? Fear? Pride? Insecurity? Boredom? Bad company? Deception? Irritation? Losses? Frustration? Laziness? Impatience? Etc.

Third, develop a plan to break unhealthy patterns. They won’t just go away. You need specific goals and objectives to address root issues before you’ll find success. Reflect on what you identified in steps one and two above. For example, you may identify loneliness as a root issue that has propelled you into certain life patterns. You will not have success breaking a life pattern without addressing loneliness. Ask God for wisdom to manage the root issues you uncover. James 1:5-8 helps. Be specific in selecting objectives to address loneliness. You must succeed at this level or you will never break free.

Finally, pray over the plan you develop. Ask God to help you succeed. Search the Scriptures for a promise to apply to your work. Then watch God keep His promise (if you do your part). Your part is to be resolved.

If you fail, do not waste time or energy on shame or feeling sorry for yourself. Immediately tell God. (He already knows, but this is for you.) Confess any sin. Recommit to your process, and ask Him to continue to help you. Tell Him, “I believe You. You can do anything!” And then re-claim your fresh new life again.

Let Go

Why not let go of the old stuff in your life? Lose the dreaded, instant panic feeling from repeated sins and mistakes. From terrible losses – even ones not your fault. Jesus makes it possible to be transformed. In Christ, you are a new creation. Jesus is full of mercy and compassion. At His cross, people are changed from the old to the new glorious person they were intended to be. Fresh new life is for YOU!

Are you working hard to fix old sinful patterns? How can you welcome fresh new life in Christ today?

Article developed from 2 Cor. 5:16-21.



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