God’s Narrative Of You


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God's Narrative Of You

Narrative is a word that has “ticked up” in usage recently. We’ll explore that. But this content is about God’s narrative of you. What is that narrative? Because you hear many different messages daily about your life and value, it’s tricky to determine which narratives are true and which are lies. So – do you know the truth? Comfortingly, God’s narrative about you is based in truth – and love.

What you think about what God thinks about you – matters! God is interested in you, in blessing you, and in your friendship.


Let’s get to this word. Have you noticed an increase in the use of the word – narrative? Recently, this word is heavily used when describing accounts of events or experiences, especially in journalism, news reporting, and editorials. So, what – really – is a narrative?

We need language to communicate. Because language brings meaning to commonly-used expressions, it’s a tool we need each day. Still, we must communicate clearly.

A narrative involves artful descriptions to an audience. It uses various techniques to slot a message into a particular point of view. Further, it involves a kind of sculpting process to convey what happened or what is. Subsequently, this word has become rather popular and powerful in modern times. Listen for this word in the news.

God’s Narrative Of You

I am limited to know what and how God thinks. It seems impossible to think like God. Afterall, Scripture says, “Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Is. 55:9)

But Scripture gives pieces of information about God and His thoughts. Do you think like God – about you? Others? His world?

I suggest this approach to think like God:

  • To begin, open to receive from Him. No matter how well you know God, start here.
  • Then, learn how He thinks. (Get into His Word.) It takes a lifetime to learn about God.
  • Following learning, interact with God’s thoughts. (Match your approach with His.) Learning continues all your life, even if you are a veteran in the faith.
  • Then, talk to God.  Discuss how He thinks. Discuss everything.
  • Subsequently, listen to Him. Listening is often more important then speaking. God is worth listening to.
  • Thereafter, accept God’s thoughts as critically important in your life and in the world. His narratives are eternally more relevant than any other narratives you hear every day.


This pattern is good communication. Coincidentally, good friends interact like this.

As we dig further into this content, I pray you will hear God’s narrative of you in a nurturing, refining, and refreshing way. Since we already suggested three strong ideas in the first couple of paragraphs, let’s explore them.

1. God Is Interested In You

God is interested in you much more than He’s interested in your track record of righteousness. Although your choices do matter on another level, that’s a different discussion. It’s not your unique skills set, personality, or experiences that impress God – although they add to your identity and effectiveness. It’s not your rituals or patterns that catch God’s attention – although they may add meaning and order to your daily life.

God sees you, and He wants you. God loves you. Since it’s not your righteousness, abilities, or rituals that hit His radar, you need not be concerned or afraid. You don’t have to perform for Him. And since your life is precious to Him, you can know God is genuinely interested in you, simply for who you are. Incidentally, He’s had a purpose for you since before He created anything.

Do you know God’s purpose for you? Did you know God has been thinking about you all this time?

You are precious to God. You have eternal purpose.

Other people are precious to God, too. You have purpose directly related to this. It’s part of God’s narrative of you.

2. God Is Interested In Blessing You

It is amazing and undeserved! God is interested in blessing you (and me). Jer. 31:3b says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Zeph. 3:17 also reports God takes great delight in you. 1 Jn. 3:1 says, “Consider what great love the Father has lavished on you that you should be called children of God – and so you are!”

When you love someone deeply, delight in them, and have dear relationship with them – you want to bless them. God sees you with –

  • Everlasting love
  • Great delight
  • Eyes of a proud father.


God’s special attention elevates you to beneficiary. And what do heirs receive? Everything that is their father’s. Would this not also include deep affection, strong investment, best intentions, and every blessing that could possibly be given to you?

Good fathers do this. Some people don’t have this kind of father. The good news is this. God extends His fatherly love and blessings to all who accept His narrative of them. Indeed, He is father to all – but many don’t want Him. They choose a different father – the father of lies. Check out a recent article – “Been Lied To?”

Why not live inside God’s narrative of you? God’s thoughts of you are accurate, loving, and filled with hope. No one else thinks as knowledgeably about you as God. No one else offers blessings God is eager to give you.

3. God Is Interested In Your Friendship

This is an unbelievable statement! But it’s true. God is interested in your friendship. Jas. 2:23 says, “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. And he was called God’s friend.” 

God wants you to be His friend. Instead of relating to you as His servant – which, indeed, we are – He prefers to relate to you in friendship. He is still God. Yet, He lifts you up to the undeserved position of friend. Companion. Even confidant.

God has already stated His interest in this undeserved arrangement. And through Christ’s cross, it is possible. But what about you? Are you interested in being God’s friend back?

Earlier in this content, I mentioned how good friends interact:

  • Open to receive.
  • Learn how your friend thinks.
  • Interact with your friend’s thoughts.
  • Talk to your friend and say what you think.
  • Listen (eagerly) to your friend.
  • Accept your friend’s thoughts and value them in your heart.


If this is how good friends interact, then shouldn’t this guide you in all your relationships?

The Condition

You must respond to God’s narrative of you. What will it be? Incidentally, God’s desired response from you starts with being forgiven. There’s no other way to interact with holy God. However, what you think about what God thinks about you – matters! Because God’s narrative of you starts at the cross, start there.

  1. He saves you if you are willing to be saved.
  2. You receive forgiveness – if you confess your sins and repent. This includes little daily sins.
  3. God keeps you every day – if you stay close to Him inside His love. (Jude 21)
  4. God blesses your life. So, are you open and ready to receive?


Steps To Respond To God’s Narrative Of You

In order to exercise faith in God, apply four basic, helpful action steps:

  1. Connect with God from your heart. Seek Him first, before, and above anyone else.
  2. Trust God deeply from your heart. Then also trust your life, provision, safety, health, and purpose to Him.
  3. Obey God sincerely with determination. So, prove you love God by your thoughts, words, and actions. God’s Word not only “keeps you in line.” It “keeps you in love” with God.
  4. Rest in God to live in His peace. When you’ve done the previous three things, your heart functions at its best. And you deeply please God. So, “calm and quiet yourself.” (Ps. 131:2a)


Miraculously these basic faith steps strengthen you. Just as eating food sustains your body each day, so basic, continual faith-practices sustain you through life. Subsequently, you can live sincerely and authentically. Since obedient faith brings consistency to your life, it’s a most valuable resource. Above all, faith in Christ’s provision through His cross gives you God, His blessing, and His friendship. And it gives peace and joy.

Agree with God’s Word. Seal your life in a favorable way. Become the heir we talked about. So, what you think about what God thinks about you – truly matters! God is interested in you as a person. He is interested in blessing you. And He is interested in your friendship. He wants you to know Him. Why would you not respond?

Application Thoughts And Questions

Accept God’s narrative of you. Build a strong narrative of God.

  1. What do you think about what God thinks about you?
  2. Do you believe God loves you?
  3. Since God is interested in you, do you believe it?
  4. Because God will bless you, do you look for His blessings?
  5. He offers friendship. Do you accept?
  6. Do you love God back?
  7. If you connect with God from your heart – you will see Him in each day.
  8. When you trust God deeply from your heart – you honor Him.
  9. When you obey God sincerely with determination – you think more like Him.
  10. If you rest in God, then – you will live in His peace.


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