Need A Miracle?

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Alive and Active Life
Need A Miracle?

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people who died but came back to life. Some have been miraculously healed of serious diseases. There are stories of amazing financial provisions – down to the penny needed. Imminent tragedies have “somehow” dissipated. People have prayed for rain in drought and received it. These kinds of things are on the list of “Big Deal Miracles.” But most of us just need a regular miracle – something to encourage our hearts. I also think we get so focused on our own stuff that we miss the entire list of “Super Special Small Miracles” that happen each day. Do you need a miracle?

Amazing Guy!

Everyone knows about amazing people – brilliant minds over centuries that have changed history. From people who developed electricity to combustible engines to medical discoveries. Some folks excel with physics laws, or as Olympians, some dare to travel in space, or introduce cutting-edge technology. Other amazing people create classic art, music, and literature. You might even know personally someone who has made significant impact on the world. Amazing people!

You, also, have impact on the world! So you are an amazing person.

But there’s another brilliant person in every way. He grabs people’s attention and is greatly respected. Jesus is that amazing Guy. If you really “get” who He is, you would agree He inspires awe and worship. His credentials and character create a kind of “wow” sensation.

Jesus often performed miracles. Because He is known to alter normal consequences, it’s also clear that Christ’s involvement at any level changes things. In a world where our lives sometimes feel like deserts – void of miracles – we need His touch.

What’s This Miracle Worker Like?

What makes Jesus so amazing? We already mentioned His credentials and character. Often, Jesus’ character is presented as something to aim for and aspire to. However, our next narrative focuses more on Jesus’ credentials. He is extremely well-qualified for the positions He holds. 

Visible Image

People have wondered what God looks like. Since no one can see God, we have settled into ideas of His nature, appearance, and personhood. God wants to connect with people. So, He put Himself into a human baby body that grew into a man. God became Jesus – fully God, fully man – a Visible Image for human eyes, hearts, and minds.

Great Creator

Jesus is the Great Creator. Yes, it was His’ brilliant mind, creative heart, and strategic power that created all things. With just words, the Word created everything, even invisible powers. He spoke – it happened! (Jn. 1:1-4) He’s also the Extraordinary Strategist.

Sustainer Of All Things

Jesus existed before all things – back into infinity. And He reaches forward into infinity. He holds all things together. Sustainer of All Things. So – if He were to withdraw His presence in the universe (if that were even possible) things would likely shrivel up and cease to be. Everything exists because of His power and grace, which He shares freely with His creation. With you.

Head Of His Church

Jesus is the Head of His Church – His Body. We are a part of this Body, each one unique and precious. “In Him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) He is the Groom, and we are the Bride. He intends to be intimately connected to you.

Supreme Leader

Jesus is the Supreme Leader. Since He is fully God, not lacking anything – power, knowledge, goodness, grace, etc. – we can know the invisible God through Him. What a privilege to personally know the Supreme Being, who made our peace possible through His own blood shed on the cross. Every incredible discovery and achievement has origins in Jesus, who leads in all  human goodness.


Jesus is the Reconciler. Because we were once alienated from God, Jesus makes you holy again, and connects you to the Father He graciously shares with you. If you put faith in Jesus, you can be a friend and child of the invisible God. The big if? . . . you need to decide if you will put your faith in Jesus and establish your hope through His gospel. Each individual must respond to Jesus. “The one who puts their hope in Him will never be put to shame.” (Rom. 10:11) So, what about you?


Indeed, Jesus is a picture of God, representing God’s heart to humanity. He helps us peek into God’s essence and observe His character. He is the Miracle Worker – an all-around-Amazing Guy! And if that’s not enough – Jesus wants to be your closest Friend. Because His extravagant greatness, beauty, wisdom, intelligence, and power are all made available to you every day in each detail – you have an extraordinary offer!

Stumbling Block

Accepting and living inside these amazing truths – well, the wonder of it makes Jesus a Stumbling Block. Many people just can’t accept all this is true – for them! Do you believe it? Have you accepted Christ’s credentials for your life? Or does “lack of faith” make Him a stumbling block to you?

Need A Miracle?

There are 3 interesting components to a miracle.

  1. First, miracles always start with faith. “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.” (Heb. 11:6) Faith is the foundational element to engage God’s miraculous power.
  2. Second, miracles come from God. Since He deeply loves you, wants to help, and honors your faith – why not trust His interests over your own interests?
  3. Third, miracles rarely look exactly like you picture them. It is possible many more miracles happen than we recognize. Believers in Jesus recognize miracles when they let go of their expectation of how they should look. They know God’s miracles often look different than they imagined.


A 5-Point List To Connect With The Miracle Worker

Here is a list that helps you connect with the Miracle Worker, Jesus.

1. Prayer

Prayer precedes a miracle. Express your need to the One who loves you. Come close to Jesus with your heart.

2. Become Part Of The Miracle

Many prayers are not answered because people don’t do their part. They sit and think: I’ll ask God for a miracle, and – tada! Actually, it looks more like this: Roll up your sleeves and participate in your miracle as God does what only He can do. Partner with Him.

3. Wait For It

Waiting is hard for most people. It feels like a “no” answer. But it’s not. Much of life is spent waiting for things, events, people, timing, etc. A lot happens in a “wait.” This place of pause is pregnant with God’s power.

4. Recognize It

It’s easy to get caught up in the desire for a miracle, the sensation of an intervention, the glitter of the extraordinary. You may not even recognize the miracle when it happens. Many miracles quietly slip by unrecognized. They don’t match your expectation.

5. Claim It

Grab onto the miracle you prayed for! Don’t let it slip through your fingers. It is your special gift from the Lord even if it looks different than you anticipated. God doesn’t give shabbily. (Jas. 1:17) Everything He gives is much better than what you asked for . . . but the packaging is almost always unexpected. God doesn’t miss a thing. Open your packaging, tear off limiting wrappings, cut the strings. You will find an amazing gift inside, custom-designed for you.

If your miracle is asking for no more pain or difficulty in this life, perhaps you need to amend your request. Because pain and difficulty are part of this broken world, God gave a promise of hope. They will fall away when Jesus returns. Scripture says, “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world.” (Jn. 16:33) So, this verse implies – simply trust Jesus will supply what you need. No strings attached.

Perhaps the Miracle Worker wants to give you more than what you immediately see. Ask for patience, courage, renewed strength, resolved faith, hope. Those are all miracles. God answers prayer. And God still performs miracles.

Why not be alert? Why not receive what God is eager to give?

Application Questions and Thoughts

  1. Do you believe Jesus is –
    • Visible Image?
    • Great Creator?
    • Sustainer of All Things?
    • Head of His Church?
    • Supreme Leader?
    • Reconciler?
    • Friend?


2. Have you ever had a time in your life when you saw Jesus as a Stumbling Block?

3. Is it possible seeing Him in this way has limited your awareness of His miracles in your life?

4. What do you find most amazing about His credentials as a Miracle Worker?

5. Why not simply believe Jesus’ credentials are “for” you? Review the above 5 points to connect with the Miracle Worker.

6. Will you yield and let Him transform your life, starting today?

This  AMAZING Person really loves you!


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