Overcome Circumstances

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Overcome Circumstances


Pause with me and ponder stories of people who have overcome circumstances. History is filled with these heroes.

  • A man in prison named Dietrich overcomes risky circumstances as he does what he believes pleases God. Mr. Bonhoeffer overcomes by penning invaluable resources. One of his best known is The Cost Of Discipleship. Also Letters and Papers From Prison. Fascinating works of character and insight. Finally, he overcomes the circumstance of being hanged and dies with dignity.
  • A woman overcomes her disappointment over a life she’d rather have had. She addresses continually – difficult circumstances for decades as she wields her authority to bring about strategic solutions and peace. Her incredible character makes Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth one of the world’s greatest leaders.
  • An actor overcomes the odds – and wins to preside over a country, and then over a devastating war of aggression. With circumstances beyond imagining, in the face of grave danger, President Zelensky applies creative strategy and fresh thinking to preserve his country’s freedom. Volodymyr has won respect of world leaders and citizens everywhere.
  • Medical students overcome the strain and sleeplessness of grueling requirements – only to graduate to residency with even more pressures – unknown to the patients they care for. With strategies and discipline, these trainees becomes physicians – to train others and help the sick, suffering, and dying.
  • A mother overcomes circumstances of losing her child to leukemia.
  • Children overcome circumstances of poverty and lack of opportunities. Some become leaders in government and business.
  • After a spouse dies – or perhaps walks away, the remaining partner overcomes circumstances to support and raise the family, launch children into a level of success, and find a new purpose.


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