Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
The Magic Of Being Alive And Active

It’s challenging to be alive and active each day. Global situations bring concerns, fears, and insecurities. Losses and deep disappointments get in the way of living free. This world is writhing with threats against peace. Even so, you can discover the magic of being alive and active.

Does It Take Magic?

Sometimes we just wish we could have a bit of magic to change things. You know – wave the magic wand over circumstances to bring purpose, provision, joy, and peace. We long for the absence of threats, sorrows, disappointments, and losses. We get tired or sick. Then we sigh, because we know there is no such magic.

Or – maybe there is. Maybe there’s a kind of magic that helps us live each day – alive and active.

This magic is something C. S. Lewis brings into his children’s stories – greatly loved by children and grown-ups. Though he  doesn’t call it such, this magic is the lovely magic of God. You may not think of God’s work as magic because of how magic has become associated in the world. Perhaps you’re more comfortable with words like miracle or power.

What Does It Take?

Since it doesn’t take a magic wand, how do you connect with the lovely magic of God? How do you live inside His power and experience His miracles?

Changes are needed. Some things you change. Some things God changes. But you work together as a team.

He works + You work = Partner With God.

Here are 7 things you can do to experience the magic of being alive and active.

1. Come As You Are

The first thing is simply come as you are. Imperfect, limited, weak, in need of help and a Savior. But also lovely, created with skills and abilities, made in God’s image, majestic. So, humble yourself and come as you are to God. He loves you. Remember the old gospel hymn, “Just as I am . . . I come.” (Charlotte Elliott)

2. Perspective

The next thing is to change your perspective. What changes might be needed? The Scriptures are filled with helpful teaching points and action steps that train God’s children in godly perspective. That means spending time in God’s Word each day. The more God’s Word gets into you, the more your perspective matches His.

3. Invite It

Before change can take hold and make a difference, you need to invite the new . . . and let go of the old. This means being open and receiving what God shows in your heart. It also means spending intentional time talking to God and listening to Him. He’s with you, ready to listen and teach. God cares about your thoughts and feelings. But the bigger question – do you care about what God thinks? Are you willing to receive His instruction?

4. Embrace It

Once you decide to change perspective and embrace new things God is teaching, His principles become habit – your new norm – your default. That means deliberately practicing them as you meditate on them night and day. (Ps. 1) People who embrace this change also embrace God’s thoughts. Is. 55:9 says, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Are you embracing God’s truth and promises in your difficulties?

5. Believe It

Believe. No matter what. Sometimes it gets really hard! But the more resolved you are to trust God, the easier it gets. In fact, you’ll get to a place where you say with absolute conviction – “I’m not changing my mind.” You might even stomp your foot. Do you believe God’s love and power? Do you believe His magic – His miracles for the human heart?

6. Go Forward

Go forward means doing what God brings to your attention even if its difficult or unwanted. Cheerful obedience pleases God. Be the person He created; fulfill your life purpose. Go forward and don’t turn back. God is good, loving, faithful, powerful – and He keeps His promises. Remember, you are a servant to God. But He also invites you to be His child.

7. Ordinary Miracles

After all these steps, you finally get to the miracles! It can happen faster than you think. One day, as you focus on training in God’s ways, you realize – that’s the miracle! But being alert and aware helps you find the magic.

Staying connected with God helps you –

  • Overcome habits you couldn’t before.
  • Rise up despite deep disappointments or loss.
  • Exercise courage, strength, and cheer each day. “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Neh. 8:10)
  • Realize being alive, healthy, able to think, speak, and interact is a miracle.
  • Enjoy friends, family, comrades as precious. Not everyone “gets” the precious part.
  • Be grateful for salvation, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life. It’s like undeserved magic for now and the future.
  • Gain a Heavenly Father who loves you so much.


The God Of Miracles Is Alive And Active

God is alive and active. He overflows with qualities that make life meaningful, and He intends to share with you. God wants to bless your life daily with miracles.

Sadly, few have eyes to see His miracles, but they’re still real. Many miracles are so regular, people miss them. Too often, folks feel entitled to them. Some folks feel unworthy, so they don’t latch onto God’s blessings.

Do you see His magic – the tiny, daily blessings that remind – God is with you and loves you?

There’s a kind of magic in God sharing His character and blessings with you. He is the source of being alive and active.

If you read the gospels with any imagination, you notice Jesus was not only willing to be your sacrifice; He intentionally pursued the cross to make the miracle a reality. Christ’s amazing qualities climaxed into a merciful magic – for you.

Enjoy The Miracle!

Are you enjoying God’s ordinary miracles? Do you responded to His special, “above-and-beyond” kindness when He intervenes and answers prayers for you? Your greatest miracle is eternal life – being part of His royal family. It all feels like undeserved, merciful magic – at a high price Jesus paid. God loves you and sees the person He created you to be.

Are you enjoying being alive and active? Do you live with this knowledge each day? How long has it been since you took a deep breath and let God’s creation fill your soul? Have you listened to the birds’ songs lately? What about drinking in the beauty of each flower, bending to enjoy their scent. Do you pause to enjoy God’s presence even in your struggles? More magic!

You have people in your life who are gifts from God. Family and friends who need you. Chances are – you have food, water, clothing, and provisions others may not. Even if your health has been threatened, you likely have access to treatments and medical plans many don’t. Undeserved, merciful magic.

How long has it been since you sincerely thanked God? His miracles are all around you. If you have trusted Jesus, He lives inside you. His Word is your guidebook. So much magic of being alive and active – even when things don’t go the way you pictured!

Remember: for now, being alive and active means embracing God’s power and love in a broken world. 

Be Alive And Active

Because you are the recipient of God’s good, undeserved magic, you can live inside miracles each day. You can know His power in your life. Why not make changes we mentioned to adopt practices and patterns of miracles. Let’s review:

  1. Come as you are.
  2. Perspective – change yours to match God’s.
  3. Invite it – be open and receptive.
  4. Embrace it – take His gifts and make them yours.
  5. Believe it – no matter what. You can trust God.
  6. Go forward – get going and obey what God has shown you.
  7. Ordinary miracles – be alert and aware.


Share God’s lovely magic with others who need hope. There is always someone who has less than you!

Application Questions and Thoughts

  1. What can you do today to pause and enjoy God’s good magic?
  2. Have you chosen the magic of being alive and active? What might be in the way?
  3. Will you share God’s love and power with others who need hope?


Practical, Simple Things You Can Do.

  • Don’t waste time and energy on foolish pursuits or quarrels that don’t matter.
  • Side-step everything and everyone that is divisive.
  • Get into God’s Word.
  • Stay in His peace and love.
  • Learn more about His magic.
  • Train to be a person of noble character.
  • Welcome His miracles, His power, His magic into your life.


“Each day holds a surprise. But only if we expect it can we see, hear, or feel it when it comes to us. Let’s not be afraid to receive each day’s surprise, whether it comes to us as sorrow or as joy. It will open a new place in our hearts, a place where we can welcome new friends and celebrate more fully our shared humanity.” (Henri Nouwen)


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